Who are we?

Lifestyle Bike was founded by Steffen Ortner.

Already some years ago he made his first bike from walnut wood. At this point, he knew that this bike had to go public.

But not everything always worked at the first go. The wood constantly broke, so the idea of bending the wood was certainly the key point.

Why does the wood get bent?

1. High stability
2. Weather resistance (heat, rain and cold)
3. Nature
4. Real wood (native wood species from East Tyrol)

My profession as a carpenter has certainly influenced the idea of the Lifestyle Bike, as I am in daily contact with wood.
The workshop in which this idea was realized and which combines my love of wood and art with my passion for cycling is located in Tyrol. Because of the great variety of trees, it came to my mind to also invite customers to bring me their own tree so that I can make their individual lifestyle bike. Bending makes the wood stronger and more durable.